Fetish Creatives: Set up by an English Couple for erotic artists and their admirers!

The International Kink Magazine, where content is kink!

Deviant Where any artist can post their stuff to sell with very little overhead.

Dr Betty Dodson: sex coach in NYC, artist, blog and sex educator

Stuntkid: Digital Artist and photographer Jason Levesque of Richmond, VA. For $30 you can buy an absolutely beautiful book called, Pretty Gross. Found out about him through

Juxtapoz Erotic Art

Hans van der Kamp: Danish photographer in the erotic art scene. Here is his web blog.

Erotic Review Magazine: Online community and terrific resource of local kink events and reviews if you happen to be passing through Europe.

Erotic Signature: “The Worlds Greatest Erotic art of today!” annual competition. Learn about the erotic art market here.

World Museum of Erotic Art: Since 1996 by a small group of Dutch artists, including Hans van der Kamp. They have designed an online museum accessible by all computers. Amazing!

Obsession Its the worlds leading online gallery to browse, find and buy the very best fine art prints and canvas wall art. Obessession art specialises in alternative contermporary as well as traditional nude, figurative and erotic art and photography prints.

Streetwise Art:  seems like an artist collective online gallery that sells fringe art work. Things are gory, bloody, sexy, or erotic. Troys work looks like it would fit in easily. I have no idea where its based, I think I got this link through Lisolette Gilcrest in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, NV: Sexuality education through the arts!

Museum of Sex: NY, NY been there and cant wait to come back!!

Queer Since 2006 Tina Horn has worked in the Bay Area as a professional BDSM switch and porn performer. She is the co-creator of QueerPorn.Tv, a sex positive documentary masquerading as a hardcore-porn site; within a year of its launch it’s already a Feminist Porn Award winner and AVN nominee.


Kink Fest: A whole weekend of playing, learning, shopping and meeting! This venue offers 25,000 sq foot dungeon, classes and workshops taught be experts, vendors of leather and toys, and has personal services such as massage, waxing and boot blacking.

  • Portland Leather Alliance
  • Convention Center in Portland, Oregon
  • March 23-35, 2012

Seattle Erotic Arts Festival: Where the best artists from all over the world come together to celebrate the life, beauty and freedom of kink! 2010’s festivals brought the team together to produce a pdf, print sized free booklet on the internet of all the visual artwork that showed. This kind of file certainly deserves a high quality print job at a local Kinkos.

Detroit Dirty Show: Im confused. I thought the Dirty Show in 2010 and all previously were all in Detriot?! Now the website is saying its going to be in LA next? For 2011? Thats pretty awesome. WaaaAy better needing to go to Cali instead of Michigan during the second week in February.

Exxxotica Convention: Miami, Chicago, LA and NJ!


American Civil Liberties Union

SWOP-NYC: Sex Workers Outreach Project New York City and their podcast, Red Umbrella Diaries.