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Well, its not like I was born this way. AND its not like I can have sex with anyone and its cool. Its a little more complicated than that.

Apparently there are differences between genders for this simple reason: though I am bisexual, I cannot fall in love with women. I can love them and cherish them and dote upon them; hell I can even bring them flowers! But I cannot fall in love with them. Thats just something innate in me. I love men and they are really the only ones who can satisfy me. It gets to a point when Im fucking someone and god damn it, I need to have a person inside of me, not just the closest thing second to real skin.

First of all, I have standards that I go by. If its a dude, he needs to be covered. Thats simple. The rules of AIM network and simple precautions to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. I feel that its also necessary that I spend some time with him first: I do not want to be fucking just anyone because I would like to have some relationship with them first. I do not want to be fucking a jackass. They are the ones that really dont deserve it! Im a hot momma, and its not like you give me a sugar cube and Ill sleep with you.

If its a girl, I feel like the reigns are a little more justified. I need to be friends with them, I need to have a general respect for them, and they need to have a general respect for me. Once the basic boundaries of a friendship is laid out, I can then start to play whether thats straight up having sex or playing with roles with dom-sub relationships.

I hope that sheds a little light on something! Not exactly an easy answer.


The clitoris is a centerpiece of the female anatomy, the bullseye amongst a field of arrows. Its the main part, the part you don’t want to miss, ever, in your life, if you wanted to please anybody at any time. Ever.

As if you never dreamed someone would be looking over your shoulder at a coffeeshop! God forbid you open this on the train! And what if… You Were a Woman!!!