Lets Get a Little More Personal

Ive always had first row seat to the extremes… but now Im apart of the entertainment!! Im young  female working and living in the City of Philadelphia. I work the straight life, 9 to 5, and am forced to conform and seem run of the mill, BDSM has provided me an outlet to allow my animal instincts come out and run wild. Im an endurance athlete by heart and have an extremely creative personality. This intriguing mix finally came together into one person when I met my husband, who is a local erotic artist. In figuring out what works for us, we have come together to join the community.

We enjoy an open lifestyle though we are married for both fucking and fetish alike; we are attracted to those who are energetic, persistent, and willing to comply when asked. Nothing of course without due diligence. I am a top heavy dominant while he is mostly bottom heavy, yet there are times when I feel the need to be dominated so that I can truly let my mind be at rest. Its hard to maintain a regular vanilla marriage when I love women and their bodies, and get excited and sometimes nervous like a teenage boy when a beautiful woman comes onto me.

Many friends of ours ask how we can have a relationship like ours and believe that its going to work for our lives together. “What will you do when you have children?” they ask. “How can you have sex and not love the person?” Or better yet, “Dont you feel like he’s cheating on you?” None of these questions are true and you should click on the links to answer the questions.