Ive got two words for you reader, and her name is Violet Blue.

She is a mentor and a teacher. By trade she is professional sex educator and inspiring writing who blogs daily and writes for a newspaper in San Fransisco. Technically she is a porn lover and critic and actually views good porn when it comes to town. She can spot a porn made by a male pervert anytime within a 5 second period of seeing the film; she can do the same for the pervert ladies, but it seems so much more right.

Why is it that guys are so absolutely brutal about their sex? Just penetrate this and penetrate that. But women, they are dainty, they are forgiving, and they are the ones to thank for good porn. They bite the bullet, they take the gang bangs, suffer the sodomy, they pack the penises (whether real or fake!). They are the ones who should be making porn.

I will continue to update this link and link to her blog site Tiny Nibbles since she is just a fabulous wealth of information when it comes to the Internet and the world of sex and fetish.