When youre watching porn, do you ever look at the actors and actresses and hope and pray that they had testing before they were filmed? I sure hope so! And thanks to our star Dr Sharon Mitchell and her experiences with her life, she has brought a life saving option to the sex industry. Sometimes good things come from bad things.

As posted on Wikipedia site for its Background:

Dr Sharon Mitchell, Founder of AIM

Since the 1980s, outbreaks of HIV/AIDS within the community of erotic actors have caused a number of deaths. In response to this threat AIM was founded in 1998 by former adult entertainer Dr. Sharon Mitchell, who had left the industry in 1996 to qualify in public health counseling and sexology.[4]

The Foundation has helped set up a system in the U.S. where erotic actors in the adult film industry are tested for AIDS every 30 days. All on-camera sexual contact is logged, and a positive test result triggers the contacting and re-testing of all sexual partners during the previous three to six months. The Foundation provides secure means of sharing results via their web servers so that results cannot be forged. Prior to AIM, there had been STD testing programs in lifestyle communities including Kerista Commune, Rajneeshpuram, More University. These approaches had mixed results and were less systematic and regular.

But a horrible thing happened this past spring 2011, someone hacked the patient database and exposed the world to the true names of all the actors and actresses!! Not only are the health histories public knowledge but you know they are going to carry on with the industry and now they may be at a greater risk of contracting STDs. Its already hard enough to keep that shit under control. How horrible can people be!!