by Kerry Cox

"Showgirl" by Judy Polstra

With your dandelion stallions
Pounding through these valleys
In a mixed-up maze of mirrors
Each glitter hit the same
From a shot glass
To the throat
To the love letters you wrote
Along the highways
Of each never-ending vein
In a fantasy of furnishing
A shape studded with sins
Pearlescent patchwork
Sewn tight with silver grins
So movie star, so shimmy shook
So preciously portrayed
Eloquently silhouetted
Dreamed up and displayed
Let me cup your cancan curving candy
And caress your cunning clocks
Massage your midnight money
Stick keys in all your locks
With your rose-red light up lips
Sinking more than ships
You drown me with the symphony
Of your blue-blooded butterfly hips
Making déjà vu decisions
In a mardi gras mirage
Your ribs are spreading rumors
Of your pretty pink corsage
Let me learn each story
Of your luminescent glory
Dancing like a dervish
Down your spine
I’ll lap up all the lushness
Crush it into plushness
And sculpt it into something
To make my own skin shine…