Well, its not like I was born this way. AND its not like I can have sex with anyone and its cool. Its a little more complicated than that.

Apparently there are differences between genders for this simple reason: though I am bisexual, I cannot fall in love with women. I can love them and cherish them and dote upon them; hell I can even bring them flowers! But I cannot fall in love with them. Thats just something innate in me. I love men and they are really the only ones who can satisfy me. It gets to a point when Im fucking someone and god damn it, I need to have a person inside of me, not just the closest thing second to real skin.

First of all, I have standards that I go by. If its a dude, he needs to be covered. Thats simple. The rules of AIM network and simple precautions to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. I feel that its also necessary that I spend some time with him first: I do not want to be fucking just anyone because I would like to have some relationship with them first. I do not want to be fucking a jackass. They are the ones that really dont deserve it! Im a hot momma, and its not like you give me a sugar cube and Ill sleep with you.

If its a girl, I feel like the reigns are a little more justified. I need to be friends with them, I need to have a general respect for them, and they need to have a general respect for me. Once the basic boundaries of a friendship is laid out, I can then start to play whether thats straight up having sex or playing with roles with dom-sub relationships.

I hope that sheds a little light on something! Not exactly an easy answer.