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Jobs and extra unpaid efforts explained with the orange small poster board. Please join us! Make some money AND stop right wing extremism!! Work with grassroots campaigns on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union. Help to get good soldiers to stay in the military, help encourage straight and gay marriages and divorces, same sex health and tax benefits. And for once, you cant NOT hire me because I like girls!! Betchyou didnt realize that though a business or corporation can NOT hire you because you were Muslim or because you asked off from work for the Sabbath, but they CAN fire you because you like to stick it in the butt of men and your’e … a … dude!! Please listen to this campaigning!!


Give your sex life a jumpstart. According to Dr. Oz’s sex survey, 58 percent of people have purchased a sex aid. See the top pleasure-boosting…

by Evan J. Peterson

"Hijab Girl: Not So Modest" by Deviantnorm

Pearled like a swine in cream and black
it’s caught on your lashes, not thighs.
The running mascara turns grey
and slips. All you have are your eyes:

the bridge of your nose, gash-plucked brows,
the lashes like porcupine quills.
Trickle by trap, are you his sow
with your gag-hidden mouth that chills?

Your hair is wrapped in quiet pride.
His hot little splash soaks, a tag.
You’re stone and appear unsurprised
your niqaab has become his rag.

Each milky filament pulls you
down. Blink, drink, or just let it dry.
Dribble by drop, but you refuse
to drown. All you have are your eyes.

"Ragout of Octopus and Mediterranean Vegetables" by Jean Van Cleemput

What is it about women and seafood? Perhaps I respond to the ancient biblical symbolism in which fish represents the penis, or maybe what I like so much about van Cleemput’s blend of sex and seafood is seeing fashion jump the shark.  

Editor Dian Hanson from The New Erotic Photography, Taschen Publishers.


by Kerry Cox

"Showgirl" by Judy Polstra

With your dandelion stallions
Pounding through these valleys
In a mixed-up maze of mirrors
Each glitter hit the same
From a shot glass
To the throat
To the love letters you wrote
Along the highways
Of each never-ending vein
In a fantasy of furnishing
A shape studded with sins
Pearlescent patchwork
Sewn tight with silver grins
So movie star, so shimmy shook
So preciously portrayed
Eloquently silhouetted
Dreamed up and displayed
Let me cup your cancan curving candy
And caress your cunning clocks
Massage your midnight money
Stick keys in all your locks
With your rose-red light up lips
Sinking more than ships
You drown me with the symphony
Of your blue-blooded butterfly hips
Making déjà vu decisions
In a mardi gras mirage
Your ribs are spreading rumors
Of your pretty pink corsage
Let me learn each story
Of your luminescent glory
Dancing like a dervish
Down your spine
I’ll lap up all the lushness
Crush it into plushness
And sculpt it into something
To make my own skin shine…

Created in order to advance human sexuality into a more caring and open environment, The Center for Sex Positive Culture was established 11 years ago remains unique with its non-profit community centered organization.

Now this is what Im talking and walking about. This non-profit organization has provided not only educational but experiential events that help to lead people into accepting themselves in a sexual manner without judgement. This non-profit community helps to provide the funding for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, which is an annual event that promotes art, festivities and the lifestyle of pleasure and openness. Why dont we have more like that here in the Northeast? In fact I’ve never traveled to the West Coast and hear that I fit in more there than I do here!

Center for Sex Positive Culture Mission Statement:

Our mission is to inspire and assist volunteers to produce experiential events where members can explore their sexual interests in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

As proponents of sex positive culture, we believe that the appropriate uses of sex extend beyond reproduction. They include creating personal pleasure, bonding interpersonal relationships, promoting spiritual growth, and enhancing emotional and physical health. In a sex positive world, everyone has the freedom and resources to pursue a fulfilling and empowering sex life.

While moving into a new apartment, my husband was going through his old collection of art and found this original photograph of her. Isnt she just something to oogle over? Who was this woman?

Have you ever dreamed of being paid for your orgasms without being oogled over from men paying every cent to see you? Without having to sacrifice your sexual integrity for a few bucks? With the Eden Fantasies you can review sex toys and get paid with more sex toys! NO seriously, if you spend some good quality time reviewing your favorite toy, rating it, submitting your review and having someone accept it, you can rack up points (and even a reputation for other sex positive companies!) to gain toys. The more points you rack up, the better the sex toy you can earn!

Hey who said this was for free! Nah, just a great way to earn credits with what you’re already doing with your free time!!

Ive got two words for you reader, and her name is Violet Blue.

She is a mentor and a teacher. By trade she is professional sex educator and inspiring writing who blogs daily and writes for a newspaper in San Fransisco. Technically she is a porn lover and critic and actually views good porn when it comes to town. She can spot a porn made by a male pervert anytime within a 5 second period of seeing the film; she can do the same for the pervert ladies, but it seems so much more right.

Why is it that guys are so absolutely brutal about their sex? Just penetrate this and penetrate that. But women, they are dainty, they are forgiving, and they are the ones to thank for good porn. They bite the bullet, they take the gang bangs, suffer the sodomy, they pack the penises (whether real or fake!). They are the ones who should be making porn.

I will continue to update this link and link to her blog site Tiny Nibbles since she is just a fabulous wealth of information when it comes to the Internet and the world of sex and fetish.

Well, its not like I was born this way. AND its not like I can have sex with anyone and its cool. Its a little more complicated than that.

Apparently there are differences between genders for this simple reason: though I am bisexual, I cannot fall in love with women. I can love them and cherish them and dote upon them; hell I can even bring them flowers! But I cannot fall in love with them. Thats just something innate in me. I love men and they are really the only ones who can satisfy me. It gets to a point when Im fucking someone and god damn it, I need to have a person inside of me, not just the closest thing second to real skin.

First of all, I have standards that I go by. If its a dude, he needs to be covered. Thats simple. The rules of AIM network and simple precautions to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. I feel that its also necessary that I spend some time with him first: I do not want to be fucking just anyone because I would like to have some relationship with them first. I do not want to be fucking a jackass. They are the ones that really dont deserve it! Im a hot momma, and its not like you give me a sugar cube and Ill sleep with you.

If its a girl, I feel like the reigns are a little more justified. I need to be friends with them, I need to have a general respect for them, and they need to have a general respect for me. Once the basic boundaries of a friendship is laid out, I can then start to play whether thats straight up having sex or playing with roles with dom-sub relationships.

I hope that sheds a little light on something! Not exactly an easy answer.


Yesterday the man I’m going to marry took me to a jewelry store, not necessarily to buy the largest, most sparkling ring in the store, but to bury the Dead Soldier. I had found myself bundled up in my spring green jacket and being hugged warmly by my chemise scarf, while being encouraged by his hand grasp to skip easily to the jeweler’s store front because he was finally purchasing that life long piece desired by all single women all over the world.

He threw the ring up on the counter. “How much can we get for this ring?” JP asked.

The hard-assed Italian who stood behind his shiny lit glass display cases suddenly dropped his gold-filled mouth smile. “Oh. Lets see how much it weighs.”

We walk over to the scale he brings up onto the counter. “Was this yours?” he peers from over his gold brimmed glasses to ask me.

“No, I’ve never been married. It’s all his.” I looked over at JP. He gave me a wink and a smile, as he kept both hands in his pockets.

The limped dick white gold only brought us just over a hundred bucks, but it was easily exchanged along with the blurry memories of maybe not even wearing it for a night full of hope, promises and love. I was finally getting to this guy.

There was hardly a black procession leaving the store immediately proceeding the burial of the soldier. He had fought a long hard battle, one for which he strongly believed in. He loved her and worked for her everyday, but he couldn’t keep up with her projections of self-hatred and denial of the last healthy relationships that remained in her life, and so had lost many comrades while at war. The ending of his life was a black and blue rage, spotted with moments of quietness and solace. As the soldier’s light came to a close, as he knew it, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy for him to sacrifice his love to a dedication to a cause that was not worthy.

Once upon a midnight dreary… and its cold and windy and nasty and you dont want to leave your home! Theres only one thing that can drag you out of your house other than the chance to blow the biggest dick you’ve ever seen in your life… the Erotic Literary Salon!

Everyone is super nice, super engaging, super dramatic, and oh so sweet! They are open minded, tolerant to mucho, and will hardly judge unless you gripe about spying on your neighbor’s 4 year old son taking a bubbl ebath and playing with his yellow ship.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it. Its a great place to go, listen with your ears open, and allow the world to speak sweet nothings for yourself.

The clitoris is a centerpiece of the female anatomy, the bullseye amongst a field of arrows. Its the main part, the part you don’t want to miss, ever, in your life, if you wanted to please anybody at any time. Ever.

As if you never dreamed someone would be looking over your shoulder at a coffeeshop! God forbid you open this on the train! And what if… You Were a Woman!!!


When youre watching porn, do you ever look at the actors and actresses and hope and pray that they had testing before they were filmed? I sure hope so! And thanks to our star Dr Sharon Mitchell and her experiences with her life, she has brought a life saving option to the sex industry. Sometimes good things come from bad things.

As posted on Wikipedia site for its Background:

Dr Sharon Mitchell, Founder of AIM

Since the 1980s, outbreaks of HIV/AIDS within the community of erotic actors have caused a number of deaths. In response to this threat AIM was founded in 1998 by former adult entertainer Dr. Sharon Mitchell, who had left the industry in 1996 to qualify in public health counseling and sexology.[4]

The Foundation has helped set up a system in the U.S. where erotic actors in the adult film industry are tested for AIDS every 30 days. All on-camera sexual contact is logged, and a positive test result triggers the contacting and re-testing of all sexual partners during the previous three to six months. The Foundation provides secure means of sharing results via their web servers so that results cannot be forged. Prior to AIM, there had been STD testing programs in lifestyle communities including Kerista Commune, Rajneeshpuram, More University. These approaches had mixed results and were less systematic and regular.

But a horrible thing happened this past spring 2011, someone hacked the patient database and exposed the world to the true names of all the actors and actresses!! Not only are the health histories public knowledge but you know they are going to carry on with the industry and now they may be at a greater risk of contracting STDs. Its already hard enough to keep that shit under control. How horrible can people be!!